Every project needs a vision, and for decades many have relied on us to see into the unknown for their own dream and help them explore what it could be. We aren’t fortune tellers…haha…but we do belong to the Lord and are confident in His oversight. Whether you are launching your own business, need some new found inspiration for the next season or need someone to get you past a mental block, we are quite the dreamers and uniquely have the skill-set and network to make it happen.



Sure, you get a logo…yep, pretty colors and fonts too…but that doesn’t get you very far without a story. Great stories create a longing that make the viewer want to be a part..[enter branding]. Branding is nothing more than great story-telling with all of the amazing design and photo elements added in for good measure. We’ve branded over 100 businesses and are good at digging out the gold when it comes to great stories.



The possibilities are endless when it comes to design. We have over 20 years experience in the design field. Heck, a design teacher in college even let us teach the course for a year. Everything from Web, Album Artwork, Vehicle wraps, Apparel, Tattoos and so on…it would be easier to list the items we don’t cover but i can’t think of any. If you can dream it, we can certainly handle it. Or see above and we will dream it too.



We owned our own apparel company many moons ago before custom illustration was the latest craze. We are happy to see it still blooming in the industry. Whether you are looking for custom typography or some illustration for a t-shirt we love getting back to our roots and hand drawing something pretty.



Amick has been a songwriter for decades and with over 1000 songs written over the course of his life, it’s something that comes quite naturally. He’s written and recorded many tracks for film and TV and loves to span various genres. His scope of influence will surely bring a fresh perspective to any music bed.



Amick currently produces out of Garden Tiger Studio with his friend and co-producer Eric Andrew Taylor. When it comes to production, you can expect a full-service studio that takes each client on a unique journey. They offer everything from song-writing, publishing, licensing, session musicians, lodging, fund-raising, marketing and promotions as well as label and artist management. Garden Tiger Studio is based in Pensacola, FL.



We’ve released 5 albums professionally with many more currently in the works. Our songs have been licensed internationally and released by film makers, TV producers and amateurs. We offer our songs through multiple licensing platforms and also create, write and record custom license tracks and cover songs for any project.



Bringing more than 20 years experience to the design, photo, video and audio trade, we love to teach. We offer training courses on everything from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere to song writing, recording and marketing. Anything you see above we can teach you to do yourself.