Amick, the wild one, is a trailblazer. He is an Artist, Composer and Songwriter. The depth of his life is drawn from a well of risk, trial and overcoming. Every moment and conversation tells a personal story of his own wild surrender inviting you into the mystery of what could be. His life, similar to Ed Bloom in the film “Big Fish” is full of larger than life experiences, which Amick equates as the reward for living a life not behind a cell phone or a comfortable job. “If every day of your life is a risk, then you might actually experience something worth talking about”, says Amick (while his 10-year old is holding 3 huge snakes he just caught and his 6-year old is hunting unicorns). He loves spending his days mining out the gold in people. “Children of God, knowing who they are and believing in themselves is the greatest reward I have come to know. I simply won’t stop until every one on my trail is empowered and slaying the impossible daily.”



Christy. She is a mom. A wife. A writer. And an unwitting adventurer. A planner by nature, Christy has laid down her life for her family—an adventurous bunch of boys with a thirst for all things wild. Christy is often referred to as the string holding the kite—which is Amick. She is the anchor for her family. She is also a friend. One who will walk with you through your toughest trials and cook for you when you’ve just had a baby. She has a gift for seeing the gold in people, which she mines out through the day to day ordinary of life. The seemingly mundane becomes ground for deep discussion, prayer and long reflective sips of good coffee. Opportunity for hope exists when Christy walks into your life, takes your hand, and stands when you’re not sure you can. Yes, every Wild Crew needs their strong mama bear. And this crew has Christy. Mama bear. Kite holder. Anchor. Friend. Hope carrier. Gold miner..



Oh Isaak, the adventurer, the leader, the biggest lover of life and all the wild things. He’ll catch any creature before you can even figure out the creature is there and in the same breath serve your coffee just how you like it - he’s just good like that. His name means ‘child of laughter’ and boy oh boy is he that indeed. Our traveling adventure was born because he was born, and we know that full well. He wants to have his own youtube channel, and also be a professional fisherman, and a reptile enthusiast, and he wants to make money doing all of those things so he can buy his brothers anything they want! His heart is huge and so is his personality and we pray, oh we pray that God will use those huge things to draw people in to the amazing love of The Father!



Our middle son Jude, the most handsome, intelligent and equally sensitive boy you will ever know! His name means warrior - and he is a warrior of all the wild emotions and he feels it all and lets you know it - but isn’t the best kind of love - the kind that is felt through and through? He’s NEVER without a hug or in need of nurturing, and his passion for all things with a heart and life make us look a little closer and love a little harder. You will find him dreaming about horses, drawing with all of his farm like imagination and placing real life unicorns in all of his 5 year plans! He believes big, and he knows the Bible is real, and he’ll use his knowledge of right and wrong to put you in your place real quick! We believe God put a passion for love and life in him to carry on a legacy of family in his own generation. We just know it.



Our Brooks - the surprise one who made our quiver full…. the one who brought peace and completion to our family and lives his life every day as a goof ball and a boy through and through. He wants to be like his oldest brother, but still has a soft heart for his mama, and makes us all laugh every single day. His days are spent playing and making the most of all his hours with hot wheels, fast cars, dinosaurs and dirt piles. He has a tiny frame, the best eyelashes, a sense of humor, quick wit and a huge spirit - and we know that He will be a deliverer of Joy for all his life.